Tannin Corporation & Its Subsidiaries

Tannin Corporation has been manufacturing leather chemicals since 1908 in Peabody, Massachusetts, and was incorporated in 1944. Over the years Tannin has grown and now has several corporate entities that support the leather tannin industry: Tannin Corporation, Tannin Mexico and Marden-Wild, its Canadian subsidiary. Together, these companies form the largest wet-end chemical supplier in North America, creating and distributing an extensive product line that includes tanning oils, fat liquors, resins, and waxes to used in the manufacture of high-quality leather. Tannin Corporation was initially founded to service tanners in New England, and our present management took over in 1979. Our...
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Based upon the Responsible Distribution Process Verification (RDPV) conducted on March 20, 2008, Tannin Corporation successfully demonstrated the standards set forth in the RDP Code of Management Practice. RDP Verification Certification