Tannin® Participates in ILM Webinar

Tannin® Participates in ILM Webinar

Tannin® representatives recently participated in International Leather Maker’s first webinar on June 14: Traceability in the Leather Supply Chain. ILM was joined by presenters from Stahl and Lectra for the 40-minute presentation including a Q&A session.

ILM provided some background and context to this topic and highlighted some best practice and best available technologies in this area during the webinar.

The second part of the webinar, Michael Costello, Sustainability Director for global leather chemicals supplier Stahl, outlined the company’s policy in this area and provided more details about a project it was involved with called ReVeal. Michael Costello makes the following comments:

“Stahl believes that the road to sustainability starts with transparency. We also recognise that consumers, brands and designers are increasingly taking the whole (apparel, shoe & automotive) supply chain into account when they make decisions. This is why transparency is a corporate goal for Stahl and our activities are aimed at opening up supply chains for key stakeholders.

For example, in 2016, under the ReVeal name, we joined forces with livestock trading company PALI Group, Vitelco, Rompa Tanneries and Rompa Leder and organized an event to show how the (calf) leather supply chain can be managed in a responsible way, with an emphasis on traceability. This initiative reveals the process stages from calf to designer bag. The integrated nature of the Dutch veal example makes it possible to check and control every step of the supply chain at every given time, and to make every calfskin fully traceable. We expect that more actions designed to highlight good practices and supply chain management will be adopted as a result of the ReVeal project.”

The webinar was co-sponsored by Stahl and Lectra. The webinar theme ties in with a recently published in-depth report, “Traceability in the Leather Supply Chain” published by ILM and theSauerReport. For more information about the report click here or contact Maria Wallace, maria@edifydigitalmedia.com Tel: +44 (0)203 735 6537, to purchase or discuss the report in more detail.

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